EMF's - Dirty Electricity In Your Home and On The Farm

High Frequency Electromagnetic Pollution--EMF's
EMF's - High Frequency Electromagnetic Pollution radiating from electrical wiring in your home or business!
EMF's: Harmonics and Transients (electrical surges) carried on the normal 60 Hz electrical wave form "Dirty Electricity"
We are living in a Microwave! The Reasons behind many of our Discomforts and numerous Health Problems!
Electrical Pollution from EMF's and Ground Current - you can't see it, smell it, taste it but it can be destroying your immune system!

Brief History of Electrical Pollution
Steps to reduce your exposure to high frequencies at home
Microsurge Meter and Filter Information
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Ground Current
Ground Current is electrical current returning to the substation over the earth's surface, rather than the proper path, the neutral wire of the electrical distribution system.
Every electron that comes out from the substation has to return to the substation, but the utility's neutral wire is inadequate for the return under today's electrical loads.
The Utilities haven't upgraded the Neutral! The path of least resistance has now become the earth's surface, being placed there by the utility using ground wires.
Once off the neutral wire, on the ground, electrical flow travels through your yard or farm, through your home or barn, and through you or animals since you are now part of the circuit!
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