We have designed our Bio-Ag feed supplement formulas for optimum health. Intensive agricultural practices and fertilizing programs that address only the need for major nutrients (NPK), have depleted soil mineral reserves. Consequently, the nutritional value of our crops has fallen and it is necessary to provide additional nutrients for our livestock. We supply a full range of feed supplements to ensure your livestock receive all the necessary nutrients.

Bio-Ag Calf Starter - This 16% DM protein formula combines top of the line ingredients including Bio-Ag Mineral Premix, Kelp Meal, Enzolac, Bio-Ag Natural Trace Mineral Salt and Bio-Ag Concentrate Pellets in addition to grains and molasses to ensure optimum health for your calves. Available by the tonne or in 25 kg bags.

Bio-Ag Concentrate Pellets (GMO free) - 44% DM protein, Bio-Ag's own formula to boost milk production. It combines 3 sources of protein together with Flax Oil. Available by the tonne or in 25 kg bags.

Enzolac - a combination of Lactic Acid Lactobacilli with Live Plant Enzymes to create a balance in the digestive system and strengthen the immune system - see Probiotics

Perma Guard Diatomaceous Earth - Anti-caking agent for feed.

Equine Ecstasy - all natural feed supplement for horses. This pelleted formula includes Kelp Meal, Lactic Acid Lactobacilli with Live Plant Enzymes with Wheat Shorts and chelated minerals to help with cholic and digestive stress.

Flax Products - omega-3 fatty acids have beneficial effects on heart health and the autoimmune system.

Dried Seaweed Meal – rich in trace minerals and bio-active compounds.  Supports gut health, increases nutrient absorption, optimizes the health & productivity of your livestock

Redmond Anti-Caking Agent - trace mineral colloidal silicate that binds up toxins in the feed - see Mold Inhibitors

Redmond Natural Trace Mineral Salt - essential for proper development and good health

Vinegar, Apple Cider - used as a diuretic on cattle and to balance bovine rumen pH