Nutrient Management and Pest Control Assistance for Soil & Garden Health

Lawn and Garden Mix - A natural product used to energize the soil, with trace minerals to enhance soil life. A combination of Cal Phos (soft rock phosphate), kelp, carbonatite, paramagnetic rock, humates, boron, and gypsum.

Soluble Seaweed Extract - a natural, non-polluting seed soak prior to planting or as a foliar spray, increasing nutritive value of crop, reducing insect damage and helps prevent fungal diseases

Dried Seaweed Meal - contains elements necessary for plant growth (boron, calcium and selenium) with high concentration of organic matter

Cal Phos - a naturally occurring combination of phosphorus, calcium and trace minerals, used for over 40 years in some of the finest natural fertilizers

Jersey Greensand - an iron-potassium silicate containing natural marine potash, along with phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, boron, iron, cobalt, zinc and over 30 trace minerals. Non burning, it is a valuable asset in growing strong, hardy plants, improving colors and prolonging the bloom of both flowers and foliage plants

Atlantean Plant Fertilizer - This product is custom formulated to use outside on lawns, vegetable and flower gardens. It contains molasses, nitrogen, phosphorus, minerals, vitamins and micronutrients. These nutrients feed the soil life. With the soil life fed an active, domestic plant growth will excel. GMO free. Minimum analysis 2-2-1 and 3% water-soluble calcium.

Benefits: Less watering. As nutrients are replaced in the soil, particularly carbon, the moisture needs will be reduced. Less cutting of lawns (compared to high nitrogen fertilizers). Less prone to insects, disease, molds, fungus, droughts, etc. The soil microbes will consume more of the thatch layer. Results increase in successive years Fertilizer requirements are reduced or eliminated.

Directions: One 13 kg (10L) container is designed to supply 2,000 to 3,000 square feet of lawn/garden area per year. It is best to use this product after the ground has been worked up. Use half in early spring and the remainder in late spring or early summer.

Manure Buster - Boost the biological activity in your compost pile with this environmentally acceptable, biodegradable product, while helping to control odor.

Many are Verified Organic by OCCP

Working with Nature - Naturally

Many of our animals have been limited to indoor environments rather than outdoors. We know that many of these animals have developed serious malnutrition, as well as reproductive problems. One of the tests that have been completed over the years was done on children for a six-month study. Where they received proper lighting, visual difficulties were reduced 65%, nutritional problems reduced 47.8%, chronic infections reduced 43.3%, postural problems reduced 25.6% and chronic fatigue reduced 55.6%. In addition to these apparent improvements, some comparable results were also seen in academic achievements, even though a study was not set up to fully understand this. It is important to understand that lighting has a tremendous effect on animals as well as people.

One example is the work of Dr. John Ott, who showed that mice living under pink fluorescent or daylight white fluorescent lived an average of 7.5 and 8.2 months respectively. Those that lived under natural unfiltered daylight were much healthier and lived for 16.1 months. Based on the results of these and other studies that Dr. Ott performed, we can certainly understand the effect of full spectrum lighting for animals and people. When we look at the pure standard cool white fluorescent fixtures, we know that it actually makes children hyper, as well as animals. A test was completed on golden hamsters for a period of 15 weeks under cool white fluorescent lighting and they were fed a cavity producing diet. They developed five times as many cavities as hamsters raised in the same period of time with an identical diet but under full spectrum fluorescent lighting. The severity of the decay was 10 times greater under the cool white lights than under the full spectrum.

Therefore, we can see that if we can put light bulbs into barns, we can get a healthier animal and this will greatly help our nutrition program. I think that we need to understand that light is probably one of the greatest things that we can do to help our animals throughout the winter months, as well as ourselves.
Average life - 3500 hours.

Available in 60w, 100w, and 150w. Also as spot and flood lights.