Mold Inhibitors

Redmond Anti-Caking Agent, is a trace mineral colloidal silicate that contains over fifty mineral compounds. Since these minerals have a colloidal or very fine texture, they are in a form animals can easily utilize.

According to researchers, trace mineral deficiencies are often the root cause of unhealthy animals and disease. Trace mineral colloidal silicates are not a cure for disease, but they positively affect animal health and condition. They also play an important role in preventing disease.

Improved feed-to-gain ratios are an added bonus provided by Redmond Anti-Caking Agent. The minerals it contains enables livestock to digest their feed efficiently, leading to better health and increased weight gain on the same or less feed. It binds up toxins so they can be easily excreted.

Why do we recommend Redmond Anti-Caking Agent:

  • Dairymen report a reduced level of aflatoxin levels in milk and lowered somatic cell counts.
  • Feed lot operators and hog producers have found that weight gain remains the same when using feed contaminated by mold.
  • Animals are better able to utilize their feed intake, thus gaining more weight on the same or less feed.

Available in 50 LB bags.