Celebrating 30+ years of Service to Our Farmers, the Land and the People

Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors Inc. is a company devoted to understanding and working with nature. Since our founding in 1982, our mission has been to produce and supply products and services that warrant and support true sustainable agriculture. Through our research, we at Bio-Ag have become a major supplier of natural products and services for livestock and crop production.

We have helped many farmers better utilize their natural resources, to reduce their dependency on chemicals and drugs and to create a more profitable business for themselves. Our customers have seen an improvement in the health of their livestock, improved breeding rates, less burnout, fewer calls to the vet and lower cull rates. We will continue to support the farmer to be prosperous and to leave the land nutrient dense and genetically clean for our children's children.

Wellesley, Ontario, Canada

Educational Seminar, January 21st 2015

Soil biologist and researcher Dr. Elaine Ingham will uncover basic principles of the Soil Foodweb, plant relationships, and bacterial to fungi ratios. You will gain a fundamental understanding of the way soil biology drives plant nutrition, and learn how soil health impacts and contributes to healthy animal and human food. Dr. Ingham is known as a leader in soil microbiology, authors the USDA's Soil Biology Primer, and is the founder of Soil Foodweb Inc..... More Info

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