Bio-Lac Dry remove
Teaser: Bio-Lac is formulated to provide balance and support to the animal's overall nutritional health and productivity.
Description: Bio-Lac is our exclusive lactobacillus fermentation product with plant extracts formulated with non-viable microbial cell products. 
Unlike live microbial cells, this product will not be inactivated by low pH levels or digested before it can produce beneficial effects in the digestive system. 
Bio-Lac is formulated to provide balance and support to the animal's overall nutritional health and productivity.
Livestock Group Dairy,Beef,Swine,Poultry,Goat,Sheep,Horse,Ponies %26 Foals
Approved for Organic Use No
Suggested Use/ Feeding Rates BEEF CATTLE: Newly arrived: 12.5 grams/head/day during the 21-28 day starter period Feeder Cattle: 6 g/head/day DAIRY COWS: Lactating: 15 g/head/day Dry Cows: 7.5 g/head/day CALVES: 2.5 kg per tonne of dairy calf starter-grower ration or top-dressed 16-10 g/head/day SWINE: Pre-Weaned Pigs (to 20 kg): 1 kg per tonne feed Pigs (20 kg to market): 1 kg per tonne feed Bred Sows and Boars: 1 kg per tonne feed Lactating Sows: 1 kg per tonne feed POULTRY: 1 kg per tonne feed SHEEP/LAMBS: Top dress 3-5 g/head/day GOATS/KIDS: Top dress 3-5 g/head/day HORSES: Foals up to 6 months: 3 g/head/day; Yearlings: 3-6 g/head/day; Mature horses: 7-10 g/head/day