Bio-Lac PLUS remove
Teaser: Bio-Lac PLUS is a lactobacillus fermentation product with naturally-occurring plant enzyme and our premium mineral formulation
Description: Bio-Lac PLUS combines two of our signature products in one convenient, easy to store, dry feed supplement.
With low feeding rates and simple handling, it's perfect for adding to pelleted, top-dressed or TMR feeding system.
Use when feed is lacking in quality or livestock needs and effortless health and production boost due to high-stress demands.
It is the ultimate blend of health enhancement ingredients for any species of livestock.
Livestock Group Dairy,Beef,Swine,Poultry,Goat,Sheep,Horse,Ponies %26 Foals
Approved for Organic Use No
Suggested Use/ Feeding Rates To be used as topdress in conjunction with a complete feed. DAIRY: Lactating Cows: 30g/hd/day Dry Cows: 15-20g/hd/day Calves: 7g/hd/day BEEF CATTLE: Newly Arrived: 20g/hd/day Feeder Cattle: Up to 30g/hd/day from 700 lbs to shipping SWINE: Nursing: 2kg/MT Growing: 2kg/MT Dry/Pre-Weaned: 2kg/MT POULTRY: 2kg/MT SHEEP: Ewes: 8g/Ewe/day; Lambs: 2g/Lamb/day GOATS: Does: 4g/Doe/day; Kids: 2g/Kid/day Lactating: 8g/head/day HORSES: Mare/Stallion/Gelding: 20g/Horse/day /Large Horse(1000 lbs)