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Teaser: If you've wondered what a premium supplement can do for your bottom line, try Bovi-glo!
Description: Bovi-glo is an easy to feed liquid supplement formulated for dairy and beef cattle, calves, sheep and goats.
Six Reason Boviglo Works So Well:
Natural plant derived extracts are captured by utilizing  the whol plant and root system Our unique lactobacillus fermentation product helps to promote good gut flora Bio-Ag's premium mineral-ion complex provides highly valuable minerals for optimum health Premium Whey has a synergistic effect on the production of important immune factors Selenium-Yesat & Vitamin-E are key components in the body's antioxidant enzymes essential for a strong immune system Vitamins like A, D and B support health
Livestock Group Dairy,Beef,Goat,Sheep
Approved for Organic Use No
Suggested Use/ Feeding Rates Dairy: 22ml for an average mature dairy cow Beef: 7ml per head per day Sheep: 3ml per head per day Calves: 3ml per head per day Feed by mixing into a complete feed, TMR, top-dressing or orally according to the rates above