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Bio-Ag Summer 2020 Newsletter

Summer Newsletter 2020!

Welcome to our latest summer newsletter! If this is your first time please enjoy various articles written by the staff here at Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors.  Every quarter we bring you new and exciting content about industry trends, agricultural events and more.  We always welcome comments from our readers and even provide ad space when available.  If you want to receive an emailed copy or paper copy please call our office and our call takers will be happy to put you on our mailing list!  For all other inquiries please click here:

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Inside this issue:

  • From the President
  • Guest Article: Ruth Knight on 2020 Crop Season
  • Greenwood Clinic Updates
  • Upcoming Monthly Specials
  • Dates to Remember
  • Customer Appreciation Day Announcement
  • Updated AR Policy
  • Recipe Corner: Refrigerator Bars


Happy Reading!





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Seaweed News

Exciting Results for Seaweed in Poultry Feed!


Our partners at Ocean Harvest have recently completed a study with the University of Guelph showing positive results for OceanFeed Poultry blend seaweed.


You can read more about the study here


Pick up your bag of poultry specific dried seaweed meal at our office today OR place your order now!


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Poultry Seaweed Update


Product Update - OceanFeed Poultry


Exciting news from our partners, Ocean Harvest Technologies!! Place your order here!

Ocean Harvest Technologies has just completed a dosing trial with broilers at the University of Guelph and preliminary results have been very positive. Here is a summary of the findings:


In starter phase, OFP at 0.5% OFP inclusion improved body weight (BW), body weight gain (BWG) and Feed conversion ratio (FCR). Response to OFP in the grower phase was similar to the starter phase with improvements in average daily feed intake (ADFI), BWG and FCR. In the finisher phase, only BWG was improved.

  • Overall (d 0-42), final BW (d 42) of birds fed the control plus 0.5, was heavier than those fed the Control diet by 166 grams.
  • Overall, birds fed 0.5% OFP had 2.2% better FCR relative to the control birds.
  • Birds fed 0.5% OFP had 9.2% higher breast yield relative to the control birds.
  • Mortality was reduced in birds fed the OFP diet compared to controls (1.4 vs 3.2%)
  • Due to improved performance and survival rate, OceanFeedTM Poultry provided a return of investment of 108%

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